How To Change Password On Facebook?

You wanna change your password because you are worried that someone else has been accessing your account. Even if that isn't the case, it is a good idea to change your Facebook password from time to time to stay protected your account. If you want to know how to change your Facebook password in just a few steps:

Method 1:

First, you have to log in Facebook. If not yet, please click here.

Then, change your language to English if you use other language.

Next, click here and you can change your password from your Facebook Settings. Type your Current, New, and Retype New password:

Click Save Changes and done:

Method 2:

2.1 Login to your Facebook account. Please type in your email address (or your phone number) and password and Enter:

This method will explain and illustrate each step of:

Login Facebook > Settings > Password > Edit> Type Password > Save Changes

2.2 Click on the Settings gear on the top right corner of your Facebook home page. This will bring up a drop-down menu then choose Settings.

2.3 Click General, select the Edit button to the right of the Password option. This will allow you to change your current password. You will also be reminded whether or not you have ever changed your password before.

2.4 Now, type your current password, type your new password in the appropriate box provided.

2.5 Click Save Changes. You can find this button just below the other boxes. Done. And now, your password was changed

Method 3:

3.1 Login to your Facebook account:

3.2 On the home page menu bar, click on the down arrow icon on the top right corner:

3.3 Choose Settings from the drop-down menu that appears.

3.4 On the General Account Settings page, choose Edit on the Password line.

3.5 Type your current password in the Current box, type a new password in the New and Re-type new box. Click on the Save Changes button. Now, your password complete change.