How To Add Maiden Name To Facebook?

When you create a new Facebook account, Facebook asked you use real name.  This has sparked a lot of debate for someone who don’t want to do so and has cause a lot of annoyances. They also limit the amount of times you can change your name. But, you can add a different name such as your maiden name, father's name, nickname, or an alias that you prefer to go by to any Facebook profile. You don't want use your real name because any reasons. Other names are always public and it help your friends find you on Facebook.
Step 1, you have to login Facebook, click here:

Step 2, click here and go to Name Settings:

Step 3, click Add other names:

Step 4, choose Add a nickname, a birthname...:

Step 5, choose Name Type:

Step 6, choose Nickname, Maiden Name, Afternative Spelling, Married Name,  Fathers' Name, Birth Name, Former Name, Name With Title, Other. I choose Maiden Name:

Step 7, type your name in Name Box:

Step 8, click Save Changes: