How To Confirm Your Phone Number On Facebook?

Facebook is a social network for real identity and real account. Of course, Facebook has systems in place to detect any clone (fake accounts) . Clone may be jokes (for example, someone creating an account for her cat), or they may be spammers (they creating accounts to send thousands of fake Friend Requests and messages). Anyway, Facebook not allowed on the site. However, you aren’t fake or a spammer and Facebook still confirming and verifying you. Because Facebook want sure you are real. Here's How To Confirm Your Phone Number On Facebook?

First, click here and login Facebook:

Then, click Continue:

Next, click Enter a mobile phone:

Choose your country, I choose United States (+1):

Then, enter your phone number and Continue:

Now, check your mobile message, enter your confirmation code and Confirm:

Then, Save Settings:

Finally, Ok and done: