How To Edit Who Can Send Friend Request?

Now, many people on Facebook act as though friending is a competition, and whoever ends up with the most friends is the winner. Of course, those who prefer to have a list of friends that actually correlates to their friends in the offline world may find the barrage of requests to be undesirable. The true is, it is impossible to stop all unwanted friend requests, but you can control it. Fortunately, you can at least the number of unwanted friend requests on Facebook.


Step 1, tap here and go to Privacy Tab

Step 2, tap Who can send you friend requests?

Step 3, tap Friends of friends


Click here and log in Facebook if you have not log in:

login to facebook

And then, click here and go to Privacy Settings and Tools:

privacy settings and tools

Who can send you friend requests? ~> Choose : Everyone or Friends of friends :

edit who can send friends request