How To Find The Posts You've Hidden On Facebook?

When your browsing your Facebook profile you can accidentally hide a post. And now, you want it back in your timeline but you don't know how to get it . Luckily, it is really easy to bring back that post. When your still in your profile and not going on any page yet. You can still see this This post is now hidden from your timeline. Undo you just need to hit the undo button and it will be back in your Facebook Timeline. But, how to get it back if you go to some other pages. You won't have an option to undo the hidden post. You need to follow the instructions below find the hidden post in your Timeline:

First, go to Facebook and log in:

Next, click here and watch all post you've hidden on Activity Log

If you want allowed this post on Timeline, chose Hidden from timeline ~> Allowed on timeline: