How To Hide Facebook Groups From Your Timeline?

Of course, Facebook groups are a fun if you have topic based discussions with other like minded people. Unluckily, unless the group is Secret, our membership in the group is always public. While Open groups show everything to the wide open world, Closed groups just show a few things the most problematic usually being that they appear in our Groups We Are A Member Of in on our Profile. You can check this Facebook groups privacy chart to determine what group settings show or hide about your membership in them. This chart should help you understand, when you post in Facebook groups, what your friends will see (or not) of your activity there. If you are a member of an open or closed group that is of a sensitive nature and you would rather not have it advertised on your Facebook profile, it’s surprisingly easy to hide the Groups We Are A Member Of box from displaying on your Facebook Profile timeline. Follow this guide and you can hide all groups from your Timeline:

First, you have to login Facebook, click here and login:

Next, click here and go to your Timeline:

Chose More ~> Group:

Then, chose Manage ~> Hide Section: