How To Hide Your Birthday On Facebook?

Though it is pleasant to hear from friends and relatives on your birthday, you may not want to share you birthday with everyone. Facebook has addressed privacy concerns by giving you the option to show or hide your age. You can hide your age by editing your Facebook Profile and changing privacy settings next to your birthday. In addition to blocking your birthday from someone, you must change settings related to app, games, applications access your personal information.

First, log in to Facebook, click here and login:

Then, click here and go to Your Facebook Profile

Next, on Overview tab choose Edit your contact and basic info (move mouse below

Next, BASIC INFORMATION ~> Date of Birth ~> Edit (move mouse into Date of Birth ) :

Chose Birthday (day and month) ~> Only Me :

Chose Birthday (year) ~> Only Me :

Finally, Save Changes and done:

You can change your birthday by click and choose day (month) before you Save Changes.