How To Unblock Someone On Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is a very popular Instant Message app for Android and iPhone users. In another guide, we showed how to block someone in FB Messenger app on iPhone. There is a same feature to block someone in Messenger on Android mobile phones as well. We will share with Facebook Messenger users another way to block and unblock someone in your Facebook account from the web browser on computer. When you block people in Messenger, it doesn’t block them on Facebook. However when you block people in Facebook, it will automatically block them on Facebook Messenger. You can follow instructions to block someone or unblock someone for the Messenger app on both Android and iPhone. That means you can block people in your Facebook account using the web browser on computer, so this person will be blocked on Messenger app on iPhone, Android and more mobile phone. If like you can also unblock them using the Messenger app on iPhone or Android . This is the alternative solution to block and unblock people in Facebook Messenger on smartphones.


Step 1, tap here and go to your Messages

Step 2, enter someone who you want unblock message on Search Box

Step 3, tap their name (I want to unblock Ammar Butt)

Step 4, tap option icon:

Step 5, choose Unblock Messages



Step 1, log in Facebook:

login to facebook

Step 2, click here and go to Facebook Blocking Tab

facebook blocking tab

Step 3, Choose Block messages ~> User name (Bridgid Anne) ~> Unblock

block messages