How to Unblock Someone on google?

If you’ve accidentally blocked someone or more than one person in Google Plus, here is how to unblock them. To prevent Google+ from becoming a noisy place like Twitter, we can block people in our circles, so that their content won’t appear again in our Streams.
Blocking someone isn’t a difficult thing, but unblocking of that person really takes some digging in Google plus, in this post, I will tell you how to unblock blocked persons in Google Plus.
Know When Someone Removes you From Their Google Plus Circles with GoogleMinus
Update 18/09/2013: Updated the post according to the latest Google Plus design changes.
FYI, this is what happens when you block a person in Google’s social network
  • You can’t see his content in your stream.
  • That person won’t be able to comment on your content.
  • He will be removed from your circles and extended circles.
  • And that person can’t see your public posts.

To Unblock a blocked person in Google+

1. Sign into Google plus with your email and password
2. Hover on Home button, select People, click on your circles and from Actions drop down below, select “view blocked”
Or make your life more easier, after signing into your G+ account, directly visit this URL in browser, which highlights your Circles section.
Circle Management for Google Plus Lets you Clear All Circles after Sharing
Then you can select View Blocked from Actions.
blocked people in Google plus, use unblock button
3. Click on “Unblock” link opposite to persons whom you wish to see in your stream, and finally click on “Done” button to save changes to reflect in other Google sites also.
You might not know this: a blocked contact won’t able to chat with you in other Google network sites such as Gmail or Orkut (discontinued) until you unblock him in G+.