What is Facebook Friends?

What is Facebook Friends?

Friends are someone who appear on your Friends list after you (or he/she) accept friends request. When you are friends with someone, they can see, like and comment your status, photos,.. Of course, they can send message to you, invite games or event,...You can unfriend someone without their consent.

How do I find friends on Facebook?

After you join Facebook, there are a few ways to find your friends:

Search for friends: You can search for your friends by typing their names or phone number in the search bar. When you find your friend, you can add friend them.

Import your contacts: You can import your contacts from other places (ex: your email, your phone number) and Facebook will find your friends for you. After Facebook imports your contacts, you will have the option to send a friend request to any of your friends that already have a Facebook account or send an invitation to join Facebook to friends that don't have an account.

Note: You can manage your list of contacts, the invitations and reminders those friends receive

What is Facebook Friends