How to Block Someone on Facebook?

Some people annoying you? Don't worry, Facebook know it and have some feather help you do that. If you block someone on Facebook, they will never see anything about you and you too. Make sure about that before you do it. Now, following introduction and do step by step:

First, You have to login Facebook. After that click Privacy Shortcuts (lock symbol near down-arrow icon ) on top right your page

Seconds, Choose How do I stop someone from bothering me? A new menu box will open You can block someone to unfriend them and prevent them from starting conversations with you or seeing things you post on your timeline.

Next, type in the name who you want to block . And then, click Block . This won't block the person yet, you have to confirm your choice.

Finally, choose Block... on the next window. Once you hit the first Block button, a new window will pop up with a list of results that match your search. Find the person you want, then click block next to his or her name.
  • This will cause one final window to pop-up. This window will explain, in detail, exactly what blocking means for your Facebook relationship with this person. Click the Block button here to finalize your choice. The person won't be blocked until you finish this step.