How to Block Someone on Facebook?

Some people annoying you? Don't worry, Facebook know it and have some feather help you do that. If you block someone on Facebook, they will never see anything about you and you too. Make sure about that before you do it. Now, following introduction and do step by step:


Step 1, tap here and go to Block Tab

Step 2, enter Facebook user who you want block (here is Daniel soum). After that, tap Block

Step 3, confirm Facebook user with profile picture because there are many people have same name, tap Block

Step 4, tap Block 


Frist, click here and login Facebook:

Second, click here and go to Block Tab

Third, enter Facebook user who you want block: (I want block Bailey Yuu)

Next, click Block

After that, confirm Facebook user with avatar, you maybe block wrong people. Choose Block

Finally, click Block

Done. If you don't want to unblock them anymore, you can unblock here.