How To Delete Your Activity Log On Facebook?

Facebook is best social network. When you use Facebook, everything you do is recorded and save in Facebook Activity Log. And now, you just want to view your activity or you delete some action. This tutorial will help you do that. 


Step 1, tap here and go to your Timeline

Step 2, tap Activity Log

Step 3, tap V and Edit Privacy, Hide from Timeline or Delete


First, you need login to Facebook. Click here and login. Enter your email or phone and your password.

login facebook account

Next, click here and go to Activity Log:

activity log

Now, click MORE:

view history on your facebook account

There are many option like: Comment, Photos, Music, Video Watched, Search,.. Click what you want view (here I click Search)

your search history on facebook

Here is your history Search. If you want delete all, click Clear Searches

clear facebook search history

Facebook will ask you sure about it. Click Clear Searches

confirm clear search history on facebook

If you want delete one of it, click symbol next to lock symbol ~> Delete

delete your search on activity log

And, click Remove Search. 

remove facebook search history