Sneak Peek: Why Norman Reedus Dropped His Pants During a Desert Ride

Brian Lovell You got to do something to get attention big bald head. I like your new show but its not what i thought it would be your still cool bro lets ride one day. Bro

Adam Umbaugh Wanna see him naked go Check out Death Stranding looks dope Kojima is the man

Vivian Smith Was there something crawling in those jeans? Scorpion, maybe? Nope, just needed to air it out.

Jon Lan He was about to pee while someone's taking this picture. lol

Erica J Smith No reason needed...

Amy Beal Because he's Norman reedus!!

Tammy Williams That was hilarious!

Jan Pratt He's so funny! And sexy!

Alejandra Torelli He are genius !!!

David Ripley His new show is not for me

Ingrid UnOwn What the hell are you doing norman?!

Melanie Bailey Thomason Love that nut!

AmyBradley Jones I seriously need some walking dead

Matthew Charran Walking Dead fans waitong for S6 be like...

Mildred Uhles Not Cool Would Seem His Ego Has Got The Best Of Him. He'((s)) Starting To Make A Fool Of His Self. & He Was My Walking Dead Fav. Rick Is Starting To Look A Little Better Now!!