Watch Norman Switch out his Motorcycle for Dune Buggy

Petra Stamminger If this would be about Preacher everybody would complain. But when it is about Norman Reedus nothing. Really strange

Alyssa Sue Park Andy Jones definitely would go for a ride with him in this

Lorinda Smith Myers Only for the rich and famous. They're special.

Rachel Sullivan I watched this and it was very entertaining and interesting.

Pablo Dé Jesus This show is Yaaaaaawwwwnnnn

Junior Martinez This page is everything about that guy

Kevin Pearce ITS always about the ZOMBIES. Zombies make $ because dumb people keep buying Games and watching TV Shows about.....ZOMBIES !!! No Story, No Plot, No point. Walking dead = Zombie shoot ! , walk, walk Zombie again ! Shoot , walk , walk.

Cristina Palade Hello? Is there octuber yet? 😎 can't wait anymore!!!

John Matthews Government took his baby

Betty Hammond Hildebrandt I love him but i kinda felt that way too yawn

Seriously makes me want to experience riding on a motorcycle again, with someone else driving of course. I was fortunate enough to get a ride with a friend's father...I think I might've been 7!?
Also makes Dune buggies look so fun!