What to write in "Describe Who You are" ?

This is one of my friends' about me. Just like the description, this person is chilled out and silly-funny and a great friend! :)

The first time I read this, I happened to snack on chips and trust me, it 'chip'ped out of my mouth on its way to the floor - And that was because I could not help but giggle. (No, I did not pick that piece and eat) :P

I like it since it is honest and light-hearted for a social media page description :)

And here you go ....

Hmmm...You walk around in the park. You see a guy eating chips. One of the chips falls down. The guy picks it up, sees if anyone is watching, blows on the chip and eats it. That guy is meee :)

Oh the silly eee in the meee - that is so my friend ha ha ! :P