How To Save A Link On Facebook

Recently, Facebook has updated Save Button. You can save these articles interesting and easily recovered.. This feature is useful for everyone. Here’s how to use save button on Facebook

Save feature is very simple. First, you need login Facebook. When somebody in your feed posts a link you’d like to revisit later, just click the Save link in the bottom right of the post or the drop down arrow in the upper right of a post (or the  on a Facebook fanpage)

save something on facebook

save link on facebook

To view the articles you’ve saved, you can click “Saved” in the left-hand column or you can click here and go to quickly. Things that you saved are organized by category (books, movies, links, places, music, events, and TV shows), so you can access them by clicking one of those titles, or you can click All to see all the things you’ve saved. From there, you can tap Share to post it yourself.

view saved link on facebook

You can also archive items by hovering over a link in your Saved items and clicking the X in the upper right. To delete something, first archive it, then select the Archives link at the top of the page and the “…” next to what you want to remove, then click Delete.

Unluckily, Saved doesn’t work for everything: It works exclusively with Link posts. So if a friend posts a status update with a picture and a link to an article, you won’t be able to save it. Annoying, we know.

For now, saved items are private unless you decide to share them, but considering this is Facebook we’re talking about, it’s likely that Saved could become viewable to your friends at some point in the future.

I plan to use this feature along the lines of the way I do Favorites on Twitter. I’ll save things that I want to reference in the future, but perhaps don’t necessarily want to re-share to all of my friends and followers. Unlike some other bookmarking services, Facebook doesn’t offer any differentiation between links that you’ve clicked on or read, and those you haven’t.