How To Find Someone On Facebook

There are many ways to find someone on Facebook. You can use Facebook name, username, Facebook ID number, email address, phone number. Now, How Facebook will show you how to find your friend on Facebook.

1. Find someone with Facebook Name

Go to Facebook and enter person name who you want find on Search Box (here is Lillian Brady):

Find someone with Facebook Name

2. Find someone with Username

Instead of enter Facebook Name, you need enter username who you looking for in to Search Box:

Find someone with Username

or you can go directly with username:

3. Find someone with Facebook ID:

You can go to your friend Timeline if you know ID number:

Find someone with Facebook ID

4. Find someone with Email Address:

Type your friend email into Search Box:

Find someone with Email Address

5. Find someone with Phone Number:

Enter your friend phone number in to Search Box include phone area code before:

Find someone with Phone Number