What is Facebook Help Community?

Facebook Help Community is a community include Facebook Team and Facebook user. The purpose of Help Community is help other users solve difficult problems when using Facebook. All issues related to Facebook can be asked here and very quickly have an answer. You can participate in answering the questions if you want.

As you get started:

First: Use the Facebook search bar at the top of the screen to find related Help Community and Help Center answers before you ask a question. Your question maybe already on Facebook Help Community.
Second: When you ask a question, be sure to provide enough information for others to understand and help you.
Third: Always be respectful of other Help Community members, they are here to help and get help too.

You can ask questions or answer here

What is Facebook Help Community

What is Facebook Help Community Star Contributor Program?

Hi everyone, thank you for your interest in the Facebook Help Community Star Contributor Program. We are currently working on improving the program to make it more valuable for our communities. In order to accomplish this, we are temporarily putting the program on hold while we build out the Star Contributor Program to better serve our communities now and for the future. As a part of this program pause, new Rising Star and Star Contributor badges will not be given out until further notice. Visibility of existing Rising Star and Contributor badges may also be affected.

Thank you for your patience. We will provide updates as soon as we are ready to launch the program.

Facebook Help Community Star Contributor Program