What is Facebook Search Bar?

Facebook Search Bar as a search box to help you find everything on Facebook. Like Google, Facebook search bar make selective search results on Facebook and give you best answer. You can enter people name, username, phone number, email, keyword to search on Facebook.

What is Facebook Search Bar

Does your search history appear when you enter something into the Facebook search bar?

Yes, your search will appear when you enter something into the Facebook search bar.
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Who can search for you?

Everybody on Facebook who you haven't blocked can search for you, but they only see public information about you in search result.

Search results respect your privacy settings, whether it's info you have shared or posts with tags of you that others have shared. You can adjust what people can see on your profile and Timeline, and who can see what you share. You can also setting who can search for you using your email address or phone number.

Why your group can't be found in search?

If your group can't be found in search, it maybe because reasons below:
Your group's privacy setting is Secret. Only current members and admin can find a secret group in search.
You have accidentally misspelled your group's name in search. Make sure that the spelling of your group name matches 100% in Search Bar.

How does search work for minors?

Like adults, minors can appear in Facebook search results. Facebook protect sensitive information, like their contact info, email, phone number, birthday and school,.. from appearing in search to a public audience.