22 Pictures Only Pokémon Fans Will Think Are Funny

WAIT !! It’s dangerous out there. Take one of these jokes.

1. This perfect pun.

2. This incredible burn.

3. This updated R. Kelly lyric.

4. This sexual innuendo.

5. This literal interpretation.

6. This Gordon Ramsay burn.

7. This clever pun.

8. This Lord of the Rings reference.

9. This improved children’s book.

10. This Aladdin mashup.

11. This new side of Charmander.

12. This cheeky pun.

13. And this one.

14. This pick-up line.

15. This musical cameo.

16. This dig at Internet Explorer.

17. This updated Cher lyric.

18. And this Sara Bareilles one.

19. This Futurama mashup.

20. This Miley Cyrus reference.

21. This accurate pie chart.

22. And this truth about the landscape.