Live Video App Facebook

Social media king Facbook has introduced Facebook Live Video app for all its android users just now. Users can put their videos live by using Go live feature.

Good news for All Android users. Facebook has just now released live video (Go live) for all its Android users. Earlier, this feature is only available for IOS users and now it became available for Android users also. In recent days many users are showing interest on live videos and put their videos live.

Android users are little bit disappointed with this feature why because it is limited to only IOS device. Now make the Android users happy, social networking king Facebook has come up with a new innovative idea Facebook Live Video facility to all Android users. So by using this Facebook Live or FB Go Live features all the users can record and post their live video instantly in FB.

It is a good thing by the Facebook to come up with a great idea. 50 percent of people are watching live videos from Android devices only. So it may increase the no of users who broadcast their live videos. So all Android users can use this feature and make fun by putting live videos.

How to use Facebook Live Video Feature in Android Devices
  1. Tap at What’s on your mind at top of News Feed
  2. Select Go Live option there
  3. Live Video Starts and add a description.
  4. Before hitting Go Live choose your friends
  5. After 3 second count down your video starts
Important Notes

Facebook Live feature in Android allows users to limit their videos to a particular location and age group options like geo and age gating. If you or your friend in your Facebook account puts a live video, then you will get a notification to watch it.

During Fb Live, you can view the total number of viewers watching live. Your friend’s names who are watching your live video, their responses, comments in real time to comments from your audience.