How to Use Facebook Slideshow to Make a Video

Facebook platform is a common place for sharing Videos and Images. Very few people over there like to type and read long stories using status because sharing stills and videos allow people to tell every story in creative manner. In order to add more fun to the life of Facebook users, the new Slideshow feature was recently launched. This feature was designed for Facebook mobile application and now its updated version allows users to create eye catching slideshows directly using their Facebook Status Update. With this advancement, now users are enjoying sharing collection of memorable stills from their weekend tours in form of appealing slideshows. Note that, there is no need to download any additional software for creating slideshows rather the Facebook app itself is capable enough to maintain perfect sync with your phone’s gallery and will assist in easy updates.

In this article, we will show you how to create a Facebook slideshow on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

How to use Facebook Slideshow to Make a Video?

Step 1:
First of all, you need to open Facebook application on iOS and Android phones and then move to Status Update section. Here you will find Slideshow option near to the frequently used photo upload option.

The second option is, whenever you find a new slideshow sharing from any of your friend on Facebook timeline, you can tap the “Try it” button over this post, it will immediately take you to the slideshow creation section.

Step 2: Now select photos that you wish to add into your slideshow, you can also add videos. Note that the selected photos or videos will have a blue box around them in your gallery and you need to select at least 3 photos & videos.

Step 3: There are 13 unique and stunning themes that you can choose for your slideshow. The collection includes all popular flavours like night out, jazzy, celebration, romantic, pets and kids. Pick any of these themes and then start adding transitions, effects or desired background music as per the emotions attached to your slideshow. As soon as you tap on the screen, it will show you preview of your slideshow theme. Adjust audio settings from lop left hand corner of your screen.

Step 4: The Edit option allows you to delete an image and adjust the order of the photos and videos that you want them appear in the slideshow. In case if you want to remove any of your added images from slideshow then simply tap on that particular image and you will find trash icon on screen. Tap that option.

Step 5:
There is a More button on your screen, using this button you can easily add titles at the beginning of your slideshow as well as put your friends in the tag list.

Step 6: Now go to the preview option and check quality of your slide show. You can also watch videos in any editing stage and all changes can be updated immediately. Note that adding more photos or videos to slideshow means you are going to have lengthy slideshow.

Step 7: Once you are satisfied with this newly created slideshow, then move to the right hand cornet on top of your device screen and tap the Done button. Now your post will be ready for uploading on timeline.

It will now open a new screen where you can use tag friends option, update location, feelings or caption for slideshow. Once all these things are updated then tap the Post button.

Tip: Those who are not able to find Slideshow preview option on their timeline can simply use Try it feature from any existing slideshow type post on their timeline.

Tips for Optimizing Your Slideshow Video for Facebook:

Everyone can create a slideshow but not everyone can create appealing slideshows. This sentence creates the big difference. So, if you want to create high quality slideshow, then it is good to follow few professional tips:

It is really very simple to develop Slideshow videos using Facebook application but in case if you want to add more adventure and fun into your creation then it is good to try some other tools. The best recommendation from professionals is to use Wondershare Filmora. This software tool is designed to offer easy video creation facilities with wide collection of titles, sound tracks, transitions and special effects. Filmora supports Windows as well as Mac platform so you can easily develop new videos as soon as possible.

There are two user friendly operation modes in Wondershare Filmora: Easy Mode is designed for those who are lazy enough to make little efforts in choosing frame, effects or music etc. in this mode editor will manage all these things automatically. Whereas the Full Feature Mode allows higher customization facilities to all users and they can develop professional quality slideshows with filters, trimming effects, overlays and cropping, splitting options.

Bonus: Plentiful Effects Sets Designed Especially for You:

With the well designed filters and effects of Wondershare Filmora platform, you can immediately design eye catching slideshows. There are so many stunning text collections, motion elements, overlays and special effects. Some of the most lovable feature offerings are: Holiday Set, Education Set, Travel Set, Food Set, Fitness Set, Fashion Set, Beauty Set and many more. This collection is capable enough to decorate all important moments of your life in form of slide shows.